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Apple Should Dump the iPod Touch

April 4, 2012
I should state for the record that I love my iPod Touch. My Android phone is great for work and communication, but I can't shake my preference for the way my iPod Touch handles music, podcasts, and games. That it can go a few days without charging is also a plus. When it comes to portable media players, there's no product I could recommend more highly than an iPod Touch. The trouble is, no one asks me for recommendations anymore.

When people catch me using an iPod Touch, I'm met with mixture


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Cooking Up Hot Solutions
April 4, 2012 From News
During the last few years, Dave Wexler, co-owner of the Little Guys, a specialty CE dealer in the greater Chicago area, has been shifting his focus away from profit-challenged TVs to new solutions such as digital music.

Wexler is part of a growing trend among savvy retailers and vendors who are embracing the marketing, merchandising and demonstration of connected solutions, as opposed to one-off video or audio product sales. The move has helped dealers increase profits, differentiate themselves from big-box retailers, and offer existing and new consumers the hands-on expertise and education they can’t get from e-tailers.

One of the latest chapters of this reinvention involves the sale of high-quality digital music systems and solutions. It’s based on offering the tools, software, hardware, installation services and education a consumer needs to increase the resolution of downloaded music files, optimize their playback and stream them throughout the home. Several dealers have sold digital music gear for years but not necessarily in a uniform, cohesive manner that focuses on full solutions.

“We know there are millions of iPhones, iPads and Android devices that our customers are downloading music on,” Wexler said. “The question is: How are they doing it? They’re not taking advantage of the fidelity and high-resolution that’s available. We want to make the process easier for them and to show them how to get back to better sound. What’s important to us is maximizing our customers’ sound.”
ChangeWave's third-generation iPad satisfaction survey
iPad Owner Satisfaction Virtually Unanimous
April 2, 2012 From News
In ChangeWave's satisfaction survey for the third-generation Apple iPad, users were nearly unanimous in their praise for the device. The survey, taken in March, found that 82 percent of new iPad users are "very satisfied," while 16 percent are "somewhat satisfied."


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