Best Buy Says It Has Killed ‘Showrooming’ For Good

Best Buy is confident that its latest policy change will kill “showrooming” in its stores for good.

Starting on March 3, the retailer will price match all local retail competitors, along with 19 “major online competitors” in all product categories, whenever a customer asks for it, the company announced.

“There is no doubt that this new policy ends showrooming for Best Buy customers,” company spokesman Matt Furman told Bloomberg.

Back during the holiday rush, Best Buy announced a temporary price-matching initiative. This is its permanent version.

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  • Brian Mitchell

    Typical Best Buy! Close the barn door after the horse has long run away. You want to know something else they just killed? Profits! Instead of offering the customers more in terms of value, they said screw it. Well guess what Best Buy? Your stores cost millions upon millions of dollars to operate. Can you really afford to price match and make any money? If you are a shareholder, bail out now while you can still get something.