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Commerce Technology is a Massive Opportunity (and Retail is Not Dead)

February 22, 2013
There has been recent discussion about whether retail is dead. We couldn't disagree more. We predict that over the next five years consumers will experience completely new retail models that effectively use physical locations combined with world class Internet and mobile sites to offer truly unique and delightful shopping experiences for their guests.  These retailers will thrive.

These companies will transition to "lower-cost" and smaller retail footprints. They will utilize these spaces as a major asset to improve the costs and friction associated with shipping and returns; to offer new and innovative ways to promote



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Accelerating consumer traffic while simultaneously changing your business model to create consumer value is the core focus of smart retailers. Retail leadership demands highly disruptive marketing plans that will regain efficiencies, drive in-store and online traffic, and generate profitable opportunities.

If you don’t have an “SVP of Retail Disruption” on staff that is focused on capturing creative opportunities and catalyzing needed change, I suggest you promote or hire one immediately. Retail leadership should invest to arrest the competition through disruptive business models. The net? The right retail disruption model married the right brand and product value model will deliver the recurring consumer traffic to ensure profitable engagements.




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