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How Retailers can Fight the Amazon Goliath

June 7, 2012

How are Amazon's sales growing so dramatically - 30 to 40 percent quarterly for the last umpteen quarters - when even the big retailers are struggling to grow 1 to 2 percent? In record time, Amazon has taken on the Goliaths of retail yesteryear with their massive resources, nationwide store footprints and well-known brands, and turned them into isolated Davids.

In 17 short years, Amazon has grown to be the 12th largest US-based retailer, larger than even Macy's or Staples.  Amazon's 2011 online sales of $48 billion dwarf every competitor's online sales



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Sean Murphy, CEA
Mobile Commerce Creates More Dealer Opportunities
June 6, 2012 From News

Not too long ago online shopping was a novel concept, equal parts liberating and intimidating. Financial transactions done electronically? From mail-order catalogs to one-click purchases, we have witnessed the evolution of an entirely new way to shop.

Naturally, innovation ensures that this process continues to develop. CEA’s new study Mobile Commerce: Reinventing the Way Consumers Shop provides an opportunity for better understanding consumer behavior and motivations as they relate to mobile commerce.

We already know the modern consumer prefers devices that are mobile and connected, which means people can access the Internet anytime, anywhere. And when it comes to shopping, CEA market research clearly shows consumers consistently list price and convenience as primary purchase motivators. Mobile commerce provides a sweet spot for the savvy shopper who wants to be fully informed and incentivized by ads, coupons and competitive pricing.

It is impossible to overstate how ubiquitous mobile devices have become, but a quick look at the numbers illustrates the point. Nine out of ten consumers own a tablet, smartphone or cell phone, which translates to 216 million mobile device owners.

Amazon logo
Amazon Entering New Jersey, Will Collect Tax
May 31, 2012 From News
Amazon will build a pair of distribution centers in New Jersey, but will begin collecting a seven percent state sales tax beginning in June of next year, according to the Newark Star Ledger.




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