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Kickstarter to Place New Limits on Hardware Projects

September 23, 2012

Crowd funding Internet site Kickstarter will be placing new restrictions on the activities users can engage in when promoting hardware projects for funding. The policy changes were announced in a post on Kickstarter's blog on Friday. Project developers will now be limited to showing their works as they currently exist, and the site has placed new restrictions on how many units developers can offer to supporters.

With the new rules in place, Kickstarter projects will be prohibited from displaying product simulations. The site now requires that developers show off their projects



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Elly Valas
More Opportunity Than Ever
September 19, 2012 From News
In the last couple of months I've gone to two different events where new products were introduced. Both the CE Line Show in New York and the Levin ConsultingGroup Electronics Retail Summit in Las Vegas might well have been called Headphone and iAccessory shows.  I've seen hundreds of cellphone and tablet covers and dozens of headphones, many of which rival those made by Bose that for decades had a corner on the high-end market.
The introduction in recent years of fashionable and feature-packed headphones has led a market growth of more than $2 billion in sales.  Walk down any city street and you'll see that the ubiquitous white earbuds are being replaced by a variety of phones in different styles and price points, especially those at the higher end of the scale. According to NPD, in 2011 sales of headphones priced over $100 doubled from the previous year, well ahead of growth in the category.
Dealerscope accessories
Improving Accessories Sales
September 12, 2012 From News

The number and variety of accessories available to all CE dealers has greatly increased exponentially in recent years. Ballooning mobile device sales accounts, in part, for the crowded peripherals market. But whatever the reason, dealers are grateful for a broader choice of options, and they say they are constantly on the lookout for new products, technologies and ideas that will stimulate foot traffic and boost their bottom lines.

          New accessories such important business drivers heading into 2013 because, for one, pricing competition within the most popular accessories categories has put strong pressure on margin points. “Margins are thinner nowadays,” said Simon Sedek, buyer at Electronic Express, Nashville, Tenn. “They used to be better. But there is more competition.”  



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