Laptops go up against tablets at Consumer Electronics Show

The clamshell is being cast aside by manufacturers who are trying to create a new category of device that combines the feel and functions of tablets and laptops. The darling of the tech world just a couple of years ago, laptops have become one of the…

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  • oemautosound

    Tablets might be a great device for carrying around since they are convenient and work well as a viewing device and for carrying out basic editing work. Also, it’s a must have (almost necessary) device to have if you are not at the office or work nobody wants to be viewed as the dinosaur carrying around a laptop. But when we are at the office the tablet is not in use at least not here, we still need computers or full functional laptops

    yes its true for the regular person or at home a tablet will be all you need but tablets are not replacing laptops anytime soon. Or smart phones: "while tablets may play a critical role in some scenarios, they are likely to represent a ‘nice to have’ third device

    just like in our business ( car stereos CD changers ) customer are buying more and more iPod interfaces or aux input adapters to plug their portable devices to the factory radio in the vehicle but the Disc are not death we still sale a lot of cd players and changer

    I think the transformation is inevitable. The number of devices will increase, in the future There are just times when I think things change too fast