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Microsoft Earnings Big on Windows 8 and SuperBowl Strategy

January 24, 2013

On the eve of Microsoft's possibly most significant earnings reports in recent history, eyes are fixed are on the Redmond giant. The recent announcement of pricing and availability of their tablet product - the Surface Pro is no coincidence, regardless of the earnings outcome this announcement will be a positive prospect. Most importantly, the earnings will be the first since the company released the latest version of its flagship product - Windows 8. Some facts have emerged such as the 60 million Windows licenses sold so far - a number on par



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Winning With Windows 8
January 2013 From Dealerscope
How do you solve a problem like Windows 8?

A major advertising and marketing campaign for a major software release—from the major computer software company in the world, no less—receives little more than a lackluster response from consumers and businesses. So while retailers should approach Windows 8 and its associated hardware with caution, they may still eke out some gains by offering systems that have been specifically designed for the new operating system.

Unlike some previously disastrous introductions, such as Windows Vista and Windows Millennium Edition, there are no glaring flaws in the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. Users haven’t been plagued by hardware compatibility issues as they have in the past, or faced with major software upgrades to make programs work with the new OS. And cost hasn’t been an obstacle. Microsoft offers an upgrade version of the software for just $40.
Best Buy's Super Bowl ad with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and Justin Bieber
Best Buy Plans Another Super Bowl Spot
January 23, 2013 From News
Best Buy will air a commercial during the Super Bowl broadcast next month, for the third year in a row, the company confirmed to the Twin Cities Business Journal.


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