Overpaying for Electronics? Based On this List, You Must Be at Best Buy

It’s been at least a few weeks since the Internet lobbed a brick at Best Buy, but Mashable’s dusted off an oldie-but-goodie with its “Seven Biggest Rip-Offs in Tech Retail.”

The post doesn’t explicitly target the Richfield-based retailer, but Best Buy still figures prominently in the list of overpriced tech gear, accounting for four of the seven items.

Leading off is a doozy: an AudioQuest $1,000 HDMI cable – “vodka” colored – that could run $50 anyplace else (and even $50 is probably too much if you subscribe to the theory

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  • Pkipnis

    If you are surprised about a $1K HDMI (TM) than you must love the Monster cable line of products. There are many people who love to buy overpriced items beyond electronics, It’s only over priced if "you" can’t afford it, otherwise, please explain how BMW, Mercedes,Bose, Montblanc and Saks post increased sales year after year. In the audio world there is a customer base that claims that they can hear differences between copper and silver wires and are quite happy handing over $600 to over a thousand bucks for cables. Same for those who claim tube amps are better then digital. And then there are those who’s hearing isn’t worth much to start with, listen to music at 100dB or higher. The way the market see’s it, if someone is willing to pay for it, the price is right.