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Replacing the Mouse: No Small Gesture

July 2, 2012
For more than 40 years the mouse has been a blunt tool for communication with our computers. We grasp, we click, we awkwardly move a cursor around a screen. Then, four years ago, smartphones arrived en masse, followed by touch tablets, and the communication gap between man and machine narrowed (and very young children became savvy computer users). Touch is good: We naturally communicate with our hands, so what better human quality to translate into a stream of zeros and ones for computers to process? But touch is along a two-dimensional


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June 27, 2012 From News
Control4 Wednesday announced that it will debut its new home automation starter kit this week. It will be shown at CEA Line Shows in New York Thursday.
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Startups Face Off in Eureka Park Challenge
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On the line at the CEA Line Shows Eureka Park Challenge was a spot at international CES and $5000 cash for the first place winner.

Nine excellent finalists took the stage in front of the panel of judges, who were venture capitalist John Backus, Best Buy's Rick Rommel, Livio Radio's Jake Sigal, and Engadget's Dana Wollman. Geek Beat TV's Cali Lewis hosted the event.


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