Sharp Clings to Life After Losses

Consumer electronics giant Sharp, known for its HDTVs and displays, is struggling to stay afloat after reporting huge losses in the first 6 months of this year. The company reported a 16 percent decrease in sales, resulting in a loss of over $4 million.

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  • been around awhile

    Instead of fighting the web, Amazon, eBay etc – embrace it. STOP with the UPP nonesence. Instead of playing favorites – trying to decide which big box retailer gets the love, concentrate on MOVING BOXES. Amazon isnt your enemy "Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba" is!

  • don bendell

    I guess selling to Costco, Wal-Mart isn’t working out for? Let be a lesson to all that the path to success is not thru the hands of big box.

    Serves you right!

  • Elvis Parham

    Lets see; Once number one in microwaves, copiers, VIEWCAM, front projectors, LCD TVs. First to market with these high tech products, excellent products and service, low failure rates….BUT NO CONSISTANT MARKETING SKILLS…… From afar it always looked like they have had an OEM mentality. Make something cool then build it for their competition, then lose marketshare. No wonder they are failing.

    Bad decisions from American Management…give up on the grass root dealers and build a brand on BIG BOXES…NOT SO MUCH…..Not nearly as nimble as a Visio or willing to spend on marketing " Hello Samsung" Throw away your most experienced sales and support staff…..So long Japan Inc… RIP SHARP, Sony, Mitsubishi Etc.

  • Elvis Parham