Should Best Buy Embrace ‘Showrooming’?

Best Buy hates being called “Amazon’s showroom.” Yet oddly, that insult may reveal a path forward for the struggling electronics giant.

Some analysts think Best Buy’s long-term future might rely on turning its business model upside-down. Instead of specializing in selling electronics gear, it could gradually refocus its consumer-electronics business on everything but: instruction, service, support, connections, returns, pickup – all tricky things to do online.

But most of all, Richfield-based Best Buy could embrace being a showroom. That means welcoming price-checking shoppers into the store to play

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  • proprietor

    Manufacturer’s need to recognize this service and structure Market development funds to offset the online retailer price advantage. Offer longer warranties, and services to brick and mortar independent retailers, and use distribution controls to keep the funds from being misused by unscrupulous dealers. If they don’t do this they will lose their showrooms, and then people will totally migrate to the web for purchase. With no differentiation between products and service, China will start selling the good directly and cut out the Manupackagers altogether. Lowest price wins when the picture looks the same. This is from former store owner and manufacturer representative, who has seen this first hand and knows the big picture.

  • Ken Briggs, CPD

    This article suggests that a knowledgeable sales person is assisting a retail consumer and that only a TV is involved in the transaction.This isn’t 1995. Haven’t we already as an industry come to the realization that if a retail consumer is looking just for a TV they are going to frequent a retail outlet that emphasizes price and a cash and carry experience? Those types of outlets don’t have salespeople, they have "associates" or "clerks" Sam’s club, Costco, Bj’s, K-Mart, Target, Wal-mart, Amazon have positioned themselves for the commodity take 1 place it in the basket sale. If your a national, regional or local retailer who employ trained, knowledgeable salespeople and your putting your sales opportunities in a position where they could be lost by a simple price check on a smart phone then, quite frankly, you have the wrong business model.