Slaying the Cable Monster: Why HDMI Brands Don’t Matter

For the vast majority of HDTV owners, a $5 HDMI cable will provide the same performance as a $100 one.

You’ve probably experienced this when shopping for a new HDTV: A store clerk sidles up and offers to help. He then points you toward the necessary HDMI cables to go with your new television. And they’re expensive. Maybe $60 or $70, sometimes even more than $100 (You could buy a cheap Blu-ray player or a handful of Blu-ray discs for that price!). The clerk then claims that these are special cables. Superior cables.

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  • http://David David

    You really found it necessary to further promote this ridiculous article? This could not be farther from the truth and anyone who has ever made a comparison can testify to it. In the real world we deal with these cheap cables all the time and they cause heartache and grief for so many people. Cut one open and compare, you will see for your self.

  • http://Joey Joey

    It is pretty sad that you jumped on the bandwagon of “HDMI Cable Brands Don’t Matter”. What’s more sad is that you decided to run a story from the computer world. A group who has no idea about the concept of better anything. How many computer guys do you know that can sell hi end A/V electroincs. I can see a difference in video quality between many HDMI cables. Respected audiophiles have told me they can hear a difference between some HDMI cables.

    It’s fine if the reader can’t see a difference in video quality. That is his own opinion. However, Dealerscope should be a little more careful when it comes to running articles based on subjectivity.

  • http://Eric Eric

    PCMag is not written for custom electronics installers, it is written for consumers. Dealerscope simply posted an interesting article that obviously has made waves and can affect buyer’s decisions. The article tells the truth, a digital signal is a digital signal. That is not to say that all cables are created equal, but it is not analogous to analog cables where quality can vary greatly. And @Joey, worst of all you question the subjective nature of the article. Are you implying that your own statements, or those of the audiophiles you know, are not subjective? Every review of every piece of technology ever has been an opinion. That is the nature of a review. And I would be greatly surprised if you had performed your own blind cable test, as PCMag did, and CNet did in the past. Don’t be so afraid. The people who would even consider paying $100 for an HDMI cable probably still will, whether it’s because you convince them to or because they think it must be better if it costs more.