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Social Gifting: the New Buzzword in E-Commerce

April 30, 2012
Last year, the buzzword in e-commerce was Groupon Inc and its myriad of competitors that offered daily online coupons to entice shoppers in a down economy. Now, the latest fashion in retail is social gifting, where people get together on Facebook to buy each other gifts.

Start-ups such as Sweden-based Wrapp, which is launching its U.S. business on Monday, are getting millions of dollars in venture-capital funding, and retailers like Best Buy Co Inc, Gap Inc and Starbucks Corp are scurrying to be a part of it.

"Brick-and-mortar retailers



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I recently had a conversation about social commerce with Chris Richards, where else, but on Twitter (follow him at @seerichards). Last year, Chris was part of CEA's social media team and he is currently the Digital Marketing Strategist for Fanpage Toolkit
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Jackie King, president of Nampa Appliance  & TV, is a good example of a growing number of specialty CE and appliance dealers who are adding Facebook to their retail tool kits.  With a single store in the Boise, Idaho, market, located amidst giants like Lowe’s, Home Depot and RC Willey, she has learned to leverage Facebook since creating a page last summer and building a following from a handful of “likes” to around 1,000.


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