Target, Unhappy With Being an Amazon Showroom, Will Stop Selling Kindles

Target, signaling its growing irritation with its rival Amazon, announced on Wednesday that it would stop selling the online retailer’s Kindle e-readers.

Target, with almost 1,800 stores, is one of the bigger carriers of Kindles in the offline world, though most of the devices are sold at Amazon’s Web site.

Like other big retailers, Target has been trying to figure out how to stop Amazon shoppers from visiting Target stores to check out products, and then buy them online from Amazon. It is a practice encouraged by Amazon; over the Holiday

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  • Ray Windsor

    Guys, If Target can figure it out so can you… Retailers should consider supporting suppliers who support the retailer in his mission to provide a superior experience to the consumer. Retailers should consider refraining supprot of suppliers who make the retailer’s job harder and less profitable.

    Ray Windsor
    German Maestro

  • stu

    Kudos to Target! It is about time the brick and mortar stores stand up to Amazon and some of the other online only retailers.

  • godfather

    Hooray for Target! If someone doesn’t stop the spread of this "disease", it will ultimately swallow up all brick and mortar stores and you will have to buy everything from an online only retailer. We as consumers and business people simply must understand this problem for what it is and do everything legally possible to stop it.

  • average consumer

    Congratulations Target! I like the lower online prices but I will buy at the store to see it first. As a consumer we all should consider the stores. They are there to sell product and answer questions. Now if Target can get better with the information and knowledge about the product I don’t need to go to Amazon to learn more before I buy.