The OLEDs Are Coming! The OLEDs Are Coming!

Bloomberg is reporting today that large OLED flat panels will finally be a reality on the market this year thanks to Samsung. Considered in some ways to be a sort of best-of-both-worlds technology, OLED promises to trump LED-lit LCD panels in terms of energy efficiency, refresh speed, viewing angle, and display thickness, and prove to be superior to plasma TVs when it comes to black levels and contrast.

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  • jeffoheir

    Yes, the OLEDs are coming … and going just as fast. Anything special about the picture quality of OLEDs will be quickly lost when manufacturers first launch the sets through big-box retailers and e-tailers instead of specialty dealers. Same story as 3D TVs. The untrained sales associates won’t know how to adjust the sets for optimal viewing; they will fail to educate the consumer about what justifies the price difference; they won’t demonstrate and merchandise the sets in the manner needed to uphold any type of premium pricing. Yes, OLEDs are coming … just in time for Black Friday price cuts. History will repeat itself. Mark my words. What do you think?