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The Tech-Adept Kitchen: A Home's Heart - and Brain

May 8, 2012
The ultimate in smart kitchen technology is just emerging: appliances that communicate with the utility grid. Smart refrigerators will make ice, defrost themselves, or do their other higher-energy activities during the night, when electricity is generally cheaper for those utilities with pricing structures based on time-of-day usage.

We might never get to the point of having a Jetsons-like kitchen that prepares our meals for us, but some recent advances in kitchen technology are getting close to that. Programmable ovens and stoves with pre-set recipes and instructions for various dishes


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Netgear's R6300 router
Routing Customers Through Wireless Options
May 2, 2012 From News

Setting up a wireless Wi-Fi router is about as much fun as chewing tin foil. But, like it or not, these devices are essential to a home entertainment system and customers need to understand how they work—and how they don’t work—in certain scenarios.

Not just for computers any longer, wireless routers connect everything from the family iPad to game consoles and smart TVs to the Web. Consumers expect to access online services like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora from every room in the house. Routers are responsible for handling the traffic. But if they aren’t set up properly, video streams will stall and neighbors may take a free ride on a customer’s network. Or worse.
Customers need to understand what they are buying and sales associates need to set expectations by educating buyers.

Innovation at IHS
April 2012 From Dealerscope
These days it seems like revenue generation and turning product is tied to the question, is the product innovative? Innovation is turning out to be a hot buzzword, increasingly becoming part of the marketing lingo for increased sales.


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