What if Best Buy Charged Admission?

O.K., suspend your disbelief just for a moment and hear me out…

In 1999, Joe Pine and James Gilmore, authors of “The Experience Economy” predicted that we were entering an era where intense commoditization of goods left retailers with only one alternative – the need to design and stage unique and memorable experiences that are so good they justify charging an admission. So far, this hasn’t really materialized beyond the gates of Disney World, but the question is, has the time finally arrived?

One can’t help but wonder if embattled electronics retailer Best Buy

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    You are close. What I assume they will do is charge $2 to enter the store which will go on as a credit to your best buy card. This way, if you don’t buy you pay for showrooming, but if you do buy (online or in-store) you are not penalized. This woiuld clear the isles of teenagers that are routinely dropped off by bad parents who let their kids "shop" at Best Buy while they go do something else.
    Then they should simply add "booths" inside the store where manufacturers can represent their brands directly with knowlegable friendly staff. Best Buy can "one-up" the Mac store by essentially having a "Samsung Store" an "HP Store" a "Bose Store" and others all within one store. Add a starbucks and voila! You have an experience. I’m available to run the operation if anyone at Best Buy wants to save their ass…