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Whatever Happened To Google Wallet?

February 4, 2013

Two weeks ago, in a monumental lapse of judgment, I lent my credit card to one of my teenage kids and for the 800th time, the card never found its way back to me.  After a desperate search and many denials over the next few days I was forced to, once again, call the credit card company and cancel the cards for both myself and my wife.  We now find ourselves in suspended consumerism, awaiting the new cards in the mail, which we're told will take us 5-7 business days.



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Peter Weedfald, President of Gen One Ventures
Do The Deals Ever End?
January 23, 2013 From News
The power of the Internet’s always-on connectivity has reduced product prices, shuttered brick-and-mortar retailers and decimated MSRPs. Barcode reader apps, like Red Laser, offer instant access to the lowest price and special deals from a multitude of competitors. Consumers have opted into thousands of brand-exclusive networks and social groups for instant discounts.

If that’s not enough to strike a sense of hopelessness into the hearts of CE retailers, all types of specialdeals are pushed around the clock to mobile devices and then spread with viral intensity to social networks and other empires populated with millions of “friends.”  On top of that, Showrooming pushes the lowest price to consumers at the last three feet of the sale, forcing retailers to try and match whatever deal the cloud offers at that particular moment. Shackled with hefty SG&As, retailers must find new ways to compete, increase margin, elevate customer satisfaction and draw traffic.




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