Yes Amazon Can Be Stopped

Books, electronics, toys and now fashion – Amazon is encroaching on the most lucrative consumer product categories and killing traditional retail. How to stop the juggernaut? Level the playing field.

It’s not just about collecting sales tax uniformly across retail – online and in-stores – although that’s a large part of it. It’s about stopping the showroom effect.

Last week Target said it would no longer sell the Kindle in retaliation for Amazon using physical stores as showrooms where shoppers can check out a product, then scan and buy for less

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  • Garz

    The Internet should not only pay taxes they should pay double
    Us retailers should stand up and do something about Internet sales
    Or there will be no one left standing. Im talking from small shop like mine to
    Major retailers.

  • Tony Cuchiara

    The title of this story way over promised what the content of this story delivered. I was disappointed after reading this article.