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Your TV Set-Top Box Never Sleeps, and It Costs You

December 7, 2012

Not many of us watch television 24 hours a day - but we might as well.

Even when people's TVs are turned off, the set-top boxes from our cable company, telephone company or satellite provider keep on running, gobbling energy and jacking up our electric bills. The worst offenders are digital video recorders (DVRs), which are essentially always on.

Today the industry announced a voluntary program to try to rein in those power-hungry devices.

"It's really an unprecedented agreement," said Doug Johnson, Vice President of Technology for the Consumer Electronics Association.



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Peter Weedfald
Embracing Change in 2013
December 5, 2012 From News
Welcome to 2013 and another brave new year of change driven by profitable opportunities and painful losses, all thanks to our constantly morphing consumer electronics industry.
This will mark yet another year to accelerate market opportunity; fend off flinty competitive threats; strengthen Internet, mobile and in-store traffic; gain greater brand recognition; and compete for faster and more profitable turns. Yes, another year to deploy smart, highly competitive and profitable change.
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CE Recycling Awareness On the Rise
October 24, 2012 From News
My neighborhood discussion group often posts emails about CE products they want to sell, give away or recycle. The entire community seems duly concerned about not adding to the waste stream. One neighbor would not upgrade to a flat panel television (TV) until she could find a home for her 10-year-old analog set. “It's easy-to-use, has a large screen and free,” she said.
No problem; the TV, converter box and antenna were all snatched up in minutes. So I wasn’t surprised when CEA’s CE Recycling and Reuse 2012 Edition study found that nine in ten consumers believe it’s important to recycle their CE devices.


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