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A 1957 Chevy JL audio- and technology-laden ride? You bet!

Louis Gonzales of Bay Area Audio Visions in Corpus Christi, Texas, fell into a unique situation, and as a result, found himself asking a rather unique question: What do you do when a customer has a nearly sixty-year-old vehicle, but wants the features and functionality of today’s most luxurious cars? Additionally, what do you do when the customer wants his ride to hit so hard it’ll make you vomit?

Answer: Just take a look at the 1957 Chevy pictured above, complete with a slew of JL Audio’s finest.

“When the car got to us, it had a previous system already in it,” Gonzales says.

“The owner of the car had just ‘finished’ it with another shop in another city, but wasn’t happy at all with the results. So through the recommendation of a friend, he sought us out. We went over his ideas, wants and needs for the car, and went from there. He actually didn’t give us too much to go on, other than he wanted it to sound awesome, be loud enough to make him “throw up,” have purple lights, and that he wanted this to the be last time he ever had to redo the system. The car itself was already painted, the motor was already done, and the seats were already upholstered.”

Gonzales talks about the sound quality itself: “While the existing system wasn’t horrible, it didn’t meet any of the system goals [the customer] laid out to us. It was relatively simple, but anemic. We began by gutting everything and starting from scratch. The car was probably in our bay [for] a total of nine months, but the actual work was accomplished in a cumulative time frame of about six to eight weeks, with one to three installation technicians working on it.

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