The Week in Electronics Retail Crime

Fry’s Employee Arrested in Beer Pong Assault
A Texas Fry’s Electronics employee- who was apparently in his first day on the job- was arrested in the store and charged with having assaulted a fellow party-goer during a game of beer pong at a few nights earlier. According to local TV station KHOU, the 18-year-old man had beaten another man unconscious, causing him to need surgery. The assailant was arrested at Fry’s and charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury.

iPhone Thefts Rise in New York
New York City’s penchant for iPod theft, widely reported a few years ago, has extended to iPhones and other products in the new generation of smartphones, Reuters reported this week. Police said that while petty crime is generally down, they are seeing an uptick in theft of “highly desirable products.” Much of it takes place on the subway, with teenagers usually stealing from other teenagers in post-school hours. However, iPhone users in particular are fighting back, using special anti-theft applications.

Georgia Cops Raid “Stolen Goods Store”
Police in Lowndes County, Ga., last week raided a house that they say was a “stolen goods store,” including $80,000 worth of stolen electronics products. According to TV station WALB, the house was also headquarters to a DVD bootlegging operation. The home included TVs, cameras and laptops, as well as the pirated DVDs; customers even tried to stop in for them while police were still in the house. The operation’s leader, known as “Hustle Man,” was charged with theft by receiving.

Virginia Walmart Thief Sought
A man is accused of stealing goods from several Walmart locations in Virginia, including one in Franklin in which he allegedly stole two 42-inch Sharp HDTVs. According to the Tidewater News, the man put the items in a shopping cart and left the store without paying, through the lawn-and-garden section.

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