A Toast To the 2013 Dealerscope Hall of Fame

A similar strategy helped Jim Wohlford launch Sanus. When he was working as a salesman at the Sound Center back in the early ‘80s, he listened to customer complaints about the poor quality of speaker stands. He hit the garage and built a far superior product. A few years later, when dealers complained about having to buy a separate mounting bracket for each model of plasma TV they sold, Wohlford turned around and created a universal mounting bracket, an immediate industry standard.

All of our inductees have embraced new technologies and have worked hard to overcome the challenges they present. Sometimes Elly Valas, member services director at Nationwide Marketing Group and one of Dealerscope’s star columnists, wishes the pace of change would just slow down a bit, but she knows it won’t. Instead, she’ll continue to help dealers leverage it.

“I hope I can continue to be able to adapt (technology), adopt it, understand it. I hope the technology changes, like the smart grid and smart appliances, make real changes in our lives, like cell phones,” she said. “I hope these technologies will translate into medical advances and big-picture breakthroughs.”

We’re sure our future Hall of Fame inductees will be among those who help to foster those breakthroughs. Until then, congratulations to this year’s inductees.

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