Aim High to Give Back With Big Show

Aim High Audio said earlier this week that its Big Show next week will feature a charitable component, known as The Big Show Gives Back. Aim High will raise money for the family of Evan Hightower, whose two sons both have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The event is scheduled for March 25 and 26 in Atlanta.

Here’s the description from Aim High:

The Hightowers, Evan, Belinda and their two boys Blake and Aaron live in McComb, MS and both of their boys have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Blake and Aaron have been wheelchair bound for the majority of their lives. Evan and Belinda own Wizard Electronics in Summit, MS. Wizard is a small 12-volt and CI company that has been in business for the past 20 years. Helping his boys live life to the fullest, Evan has not been able to attend any our industry’s trade shows for the past 13 years. Both boys have already been on their Make-a-Wish Foundation Trips but the family is in need of several medical devices for their home and van (that are expensive) that would make the family’s day-to-day lives much easier. Insurance does not cover these devices so The Big Show wants to do what we can. We have set up a donation page for the Hightower family and we will present a check to Evan, Belinda and the boys at the show in March for the full amount of the donations received. There is no requirement to give to this project in order to come to the show but we thought we would give the industry a chance to help one of their own.

“Wizard Electronics has been an account for years and I’ve seen the struggles that the Hightower family have gone through,” Scott Johnson, Regional Sales Manager, said as part of the announcement. “Running a business and taking care of two disabled boys has been extremely tough over the years for Evan and Belinda and the struggle has not gotten any easier. Aim High just wants to do it’s share by bringing them to the forefront of our Big Show in March to let the industry have the chance to help one of their own.”

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