AmTRAN Details JVC 55-inch E-LED TV Rollout

AmTRAN Video Corp. will begin full retail deployment in January of its Model JLE55SP4000 Wi-Fi-equipped 55-inch 3D E-LED (Edge LED) BlackSapphire JVC-branded TV – a set featuring a proprietary audio system called XinemaSound 3D that is said to circumvent the need to add a soundbar or other type of audio system to compensate for flat panels’ notoriously poor sound quality.

The 1080p 120Hz set, which was soft-launched over a seven-hour stretch one day in September on the HSN shopping channel, will bypass big-box distribution and initially be sold at $1,299.99 through specialty dealers and smaller regional accounts, said Drew Pragliola, AmTRAN’s vice president of sales. “This product needs to be sold, and its audio needs to be demonstrated,” he said in explaining the strategy.

It uses passive 3D technology and is being bundled with four pairs of glasses and an unusual remote with a QWERTY keyboard on its back side. A major selling point, said Allan Hsieh, product manager, is the crosstalk-cancelling technology, similar to that used in noise-cancelling headphones, at the heart of XinemaSound 3D. Total output is 45 watts (a 15-watt sub and 15-watt left and right speakers), and the technology applies certain psychoacoustic and digital signal processing to the driver array to achieve sound improvements. An Equal Loudness Contour function compensates for the brain’s sensitivity to midrange frequencies, according to company literature, and the system’s Psychoacoustic Bass Extension helps to balance bass sound.

The set uses an IPS panel, which shows no apparent color separation when viewed from an off-axis angle, said Pragliola. It is outfitted with four HDMI inputs and five built-in apps, including YouTube, Vudu and Netflix. The SlingPlayer app – unique as a built-in TV app to JVC — eliminates the need to hook up a laptop to play Slingbox content, allowing Slingbox owners to access their device from anywhere in the world, explained Hsieh. He said that the Pandora app was added to allow buyers to take advantage of the enhanced audio attributes of the set without having to use an external device. By the January rollout, “upwards of 10 apps, likely including an open browser app,” will be built into the set, and the company plans to introduce its own app marketplace with additions made to the basket each quarter, said Hsieh.

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