Inside hhgregg’s Brand Transformation

An Interview With Julie Lyle, CMO, hhgregg

hhgregg announced on May 9 that it would embark on a branding change to better serve its customers and the communities in which it does business. Lyle gave Dealerscope some insights into the whys and wherefores of the strategy.

Dealerscope: What prompted the company’s measures to begin a brand transformation?

Julie Lyle: It was a function of capturing an opportunity. We had engaged Leo Burnett last year before I joined the company. It was time to begin creative for a new campaign and, when I joined, I said, let’s really talk to our customers and find out what matters to them, and see what is uniquely hhgregg and what can we do that will differentiate us from all the folks out there that deal with these products.

Dealerscope: What did your research show were the worst pain points for consumers who try to shop big-box retailers that you wanted to address differently at hhgregg?

Lyle: The pain points, in some cases, are that the products might all look the same. The technologies a lot of times can be confusing to a customer; they may not be sure how they should engage with the products, or they are not sure if they need or don’t need that new technology. In a lot of cases, we sell physically big items – and not always, but sometimes it can be a stressful purchase, because they’re big-ticket items as well. Not only that. They’re the kinds of items you’re going to live with in your home for years. Or, even if they’re high-turn items like computers or tablets, they still perform major functions in your life. So we want to make sure our associates are really knowledgeable and that we take the stress out of the transaction – and pinpoint [with the customer] how they’re going to live with it, if we can deliver it for them, how can we make this easy for them, if we can install it properly and show them how to use it. There are lots of different steps along the way where we can eliminate stress or pain points.

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