Andrea Electronics Looks to License Award-Winning Audio

Sees high-quality recording as next mobile device innovation

Andrea Electronics got the attention of the judges of the 2013 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards committee, now it’s hoping to be noticed by headphone manufacturers that want to implement the company’s binaural microphone technology into their products.

The Bohemia, N.Y., developer of array microphone and other headset products and technology recently took an Innovations Honoree award for its 5AMi Stereo Array Microphone, which feature a stereo digital adapter and ear mounted microphones for surround-sound recordings of live events through a smartphone or tablet.

The way president and CEO Doug Andrea sees it, the quality of videos taken by smartphones and tablets are exceptional, while the recording capabilities are subpar. The 5Ami microphones, he said, has changed that.

Users hook the microphones on each ear, similar to how they’d use in-ear sports headphones, and plug them into a small receiving device that attaches the bottom of a smartphone or tablet. Each of the ear hooks has an outward-pointing microphone for the creation of a binaural recording that Andrea refers to as 3D surround sound or “audio déjà vu.” In other words, the recording is designed to replicate the sound of the live event – such as a concert or college lecture – as the listener actually heard it.

Andrea Electronics updated PureAudio Pro app, for use with the 5Ami, provides background noise reduction by forming a beam toward the source and blocking out peripheral noise.

While the company is marketing the 5Ami under its own name, Andrea Electronics is also looking to partner with vendors to license the technology and embed the system into their headphones. With the huge number of consumers using their mobile devices to record high-quality video at concerts and other venues, Doug Andrea believes it’s time to enter the next realm of high-quality mobile audio.

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