Apollo Bringing Outdoor TV Enclosures to CEDIA

The new Apollo environmental TV enclosures will exhibit at the upcoming CEDIA Expo, the company said last week.

The enclosures can hold LCD/LED TVs between 39 and 50 inches, the company said, “with modern luxury, safety and affordability.”

“Our enclosures are the perfect answer for dealers who need reliable and cost-effective solutions for their customers, ultimately correcting a vast imbalance of unsafe installations of indoor televisions outdoors, where they were not designed or intended for that use,” Lynn Stearn, Apollo Enclosures President and Founder, said as part of the announcement.

“These environmental TV enclosures are designed to provide the impressive viewing quality and weather-proof features required to extend the life of indoor flat panel TVs in the great outdoors; in style and at an MSRP that will most certainly fit within any budget.”

The enclosures will retail for $895 and $995.

See www.apolloenc.com for more, or visit their CEDIA booth at #1254.