Apple Keynote Features New iOS, Mac OS X, and a Phone Call From Dr. Dre

The opening keynote of the Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) Monday morning didn’t feature any new hardware, but it did introduce new versions of both OS X and iOS, as well as numerous new features and a new programming language for developers.

Some highlights:

– OS X, based on the new naming custom of “places in California,” is called “Yosemite.” It is a flatter, more iOS 7-like design, with windows that are translucent. There’s also the ability to send iCloud-based emails of up to 5GB.

– The new iOS 8 features a better keyboard, and newer, smarter text-messaging services. The other major new feature is a new health-monitoring app called HealthKit. Developers were invited to create apps to work with it.

– The other major new announcement with HomeKit, meant to encourage developers to make apps for working with such household devices as locks, lights, cameras, doors, thermostats and more. HomeKit partners include the likes of iDevices, iHome, Texas Instruments, Honeywell, Philips and Withings.

– Additionally, Apple announced Continuity and Handoff, features which will make it easier to integrate functions across multiple devices.

– There was no major component of the day dedicated to the recent purchase of Beats Electronics, but Apple’s Craig Federighi did demonstrate a new Mac OS X calling feature by giving Dr. Dre a call.

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