Appliance Recycling Program Expands

An appliance recycling program that saw success in Chicago is expanding nationwide.

Appliance parts remanufacturer CoreCentric Solutions will be collecting used appliance parts and reusing them.

For the pilot program in Chicago, CoreCentric set up recycling containers at six locations of distributor Automatic Appliance Parts.

“It’s a win-win program for everyone. Automatic Appliance Parts has a greener disposal option, while we have a continuous inventory of parts and components that we can remanufacture for the servicer community, our customers and partners,” explains CoreCentric Solutions President and CEO, Badal R. Wadia.

“Many of the recycled items were from older appliances, and the parts might not be available if CoreCentric Solutions didn’t collect and rebuild them. Remanufactured parts provide more service opportunities, while helping the economy and environment,” adds Jeff Flinn, Automatic Appliance Parts Vice President.

The Core Collection program is now at 14 D&L Parts Company locations in North and South Carolina. In January, Dey Distributing will add the recycling program to its 14 locations throughout the North Central United States.

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