As Lee Addresses the Past, Monster Takes the Wraps Off DNA 2.0

At Monster’s CE Week press conference in New York Wednesday, some may have wondered whether Head Monster Noel Lee would address the subject clearly on a lot of people’s minds: The recent purchase of Beats Electronics, the company with which Monster was associated at its launch, by Apple for $3 billion, none of which ended up in the pockets of Monster or Lee.

Address it, Lee did. At length, in fact.

In language similar to what Lee has had to say about the situation in various forums- statements, blog posts, CNBC interviews, the Head Monster expressed pride in the role Monster played in the creation of Beats, and hope that the Apple deal meant a growing valuation for other companies in that space, Monster included.

“Everybody’s been asking me, in the press- what is the future? Is it flattening out? What is the future for Monster?,” Lee said “I say we are at the tip!” Lee also discussed potential models for music and headphones, including the possibility of headphone makers bundling music service subscriptions with headphones.

From there, Lee segued into a presentation of the company’s latest products, headlined by what he calls “DNA 2.0.”

“I had a vision of creating the best music experience that you could have, besides being on stage with Stevie Wonder,” Lee said, referring to a multi-time performer at Monster’s annual CES concert.

“The best listening experience you can have is in a headphone, because it’s a controlled environment. [And] I believe that I’ve done it” with DNA 2.0.

The Monster DNA PRO 2.0 headphone, which will arrive in August at an MSRP of $329.95, is described by the company in its product release asthe culmination of all of Monster’s innovation and technology and headphones from the past ten years from the development of Beats to present time.”

Also at the event, Lee unveiled the Monster 24K line- endorsed by rapper Meek Mill- and Headphones For Haiti, a charity effort to help the people of Haiti. The company also showed its Adidas Originals line of headphones pegged to the World Cup.

Monster also showed a series of “Size Does Matter” promos, in which Shaquille O’Neal endorses the Monster Powercard Turbo.

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