Audiovox Electronics: From the Front Porch to the Front Seat

Audiovox's Qi Wireless Charging Cradle

Audiovox's Car Connection

Audiovox's CarLink

New products for the connected car make that walk a little less long

Audiovox Electronics Corp. is making vehicles more like homes-on-wheels with many announcements at 2013 CES. Tom Malone, president of Audiovox Electronics Corp. took the stage to discuss the ways Audiovox is creating a seamless transition from home to car and back.

Qi Wireless Charging

Focusing on smartphone-equipped driver, Audiovox announced wireless in-vehicle charging with the Qi (pronounced “chi”) charging cradle. The wireless charging cradle uses Qi Multi Litz Coil Array, and has capacitive sensing to activate charging, so the phone can be dropped into the cradle, rather than docked in one position.

“Qi technology is rapidly growing in adoption by the phone makers and we believe this category will drive growth in our automotive solutions over the next 5-6 years” said Malone.

The Qi Cradle is available in four colors, and includes a 12-volt adapter. It can be mounted with a suction cup or in a cup holder. The Qi Cradle will be available in the summer of 2013 for under $70. We can also expect to see Qi wireless charging introduced into the home.

iPad Mounting System

“We recently launched our iPad mounts and accessories program and have received great response at retail. The logical expansion of the line is to provide Rear-Seat Entertainment (RSE) solutions for the iPad mini and 4th generation iPad facilitating their use in and out of the vehicle,” said Malone.

The four current Audiovox Rear-Seat Entertainment solutions range in price from $59.99 to $149.99 and feature low-profile, tilting, quick-release docks. Models have capabilities including built-in charging ports, dual channel IR headphone transmitter and FM transmitter. A version of the dock for the iPad mini is expected in the spring.

Audiovox Soundbar

The new Audiovox Soundbar brings quality sound to the on-the-go infotainment experience. The Soundbar includes a proprietary attachment bracket for all of the Audiovox Rear-Seat Entertainment cases. The Audiovox Soundbar has a rechargeable battery for ten hours of continuous use. A Bluetooth Soundbar is available now for $99 and a Soundbar with a 3.5mm audio input is available now for $89.99.

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