Denon Adds Centennial Partners

Partners are Audyssey, Control4, Dolby Laboratories, DTS and HD Radio

Denon Electronics announced Monday that it has named five Centennial Partners on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. The five partners are Audyssey, Control4, Dolby Laboratories, DTS and HD Radio.

Each of the companies, Denon said in its announcement, “has made key contributions to the creation of Denon products and to the uniquely powerful ‘Denon Experience.'”

“As a technology leader in our space, Denon is proud to recognize the role that our Centennial Partners have played in the evolution and innovation of our products. The collaboration we have enjoyed with technology leaders like our five Centennial Partners enables us to continue our mission of engineering quality products with best in class performance,” Denon senior vice president of sales and marketing Phil Cohn said as part of the announcement.

“We have a commitment to absolute faithfulness and to delivering the reproduction of the artist’s vision with purity and detail. We are indebted to our five Centennial Partners, as well as countless other innovators over the years, who have helped us make our vision a reality.”

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  • http://JohnGrady John Grady

    Those are all very key players in the future of audio, but “HD Radio” is not a company, they mean iBiquity.

    What would be wonderful is if the whole world were to standardize on HD Radio rather than going off in six different directions. HD Radio is by far the better technology of all digital FM IBOC technologies.