AwoX Smart Home Solutions Reach U.S. Market

AwoX, a France-based connected technology development and licensing company with numerous multimedia patents and expertise in DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology, has just started marketing its products here under its own Striim (pronounced “Stream”) brand.

The products are each priced at $99. They include the StriimLIGHT SL-B10, a combination 8-watt (40-watt incandescent equivalent) LED light/10-watt Bluetooth speaker that works in any electric lamp socket when paired to a Bluetooth-enabled music player. StriimLIGHT also comes with a remote that can be used to switch off the light if the speaker is all that the user wants activated. “It’s a fun product and it can be sold through lots of channels – CE, lighting, home decoration stores, and other specialty shops,” said Glenn Adler, AwoX director of business development and sales/North America. In the market since early February, it and the other SKUs are already being carried through the distributor D&H and through the retailers One Call, World Wide Stereo and J&R, he said.

The StriimSTICK is a Wi-Fi “smart TV” stick that plugs into a TV’s HDMI input to allow users to surf the web on the TV just as they do on a smartphone or tablet. The DLNA-compatible StriimSTICK can turn an older TV into a smart TV with access to Android apps and a full browser, and carries 4GB of available memory on the device itself, said Adler.

The StriimLINK is a Wi-Fi streaming media adapter device that plugs into a hi-fi or home theater system through the 3.5mm RCA input, and lets users listen to music libraries and Internet radio on their legacy hi-fi gear while controlling content access via a smartphone or tablet.

“Our strategy is to create a unified set of apps to allow multimedia streaming and home control from smart devices,” Adler said. “These products bridge us from being a multimedia streaming company to an ‘Internet of things’ company.”

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