B&O Deploys Avant 4K TV System

Bang & Olufsen has begun selling in its stores, including the 22 it runs in North America, the new BeoVision Avant, a self-contained entertainment center with the company’s new 55-inch 4K TV at its heart.

The $7,995 Avant, which comes with the BeoRemote One, is being made available this month with unique wall-mount, floor-stand and tabletop options that present the viewer with what amounts to an animated show before the set is even turned on. Once the TV is “awakened,” its speaker array is deployed, gliding down and unfolding at the set’s base from out of sight. Then, depending on the $1,995 motorized mounting option chosen (there is a stationary wall bracket solution available for $895), the screen tilts (on the tabletop motorized stand) or rotates (on the floor stand) to a position that the viewer has preset in advance. The floor stand itself can rotate the TV screen closer to the viewer when desired, and then withdraw it out of the way when not needed.

The speaker panel, constructed of 160 unique parts that make up its moving mechanism, according to David Zapfel, product manager, North America, features an integrated 7.1 surround module to which external wired or wireless speakers may be connected

Avant’s Chromatic Room Adaptation sensor automatically analyzes ambient light, and adjusts the screen to compensate for the room’s color tones, working with anti-reflection coatings on both sides of the screen to dampen reflections by 98 percent, says the company. A built-in microphone aids in calibration of the sound system to the parameters of the room the set is in.

The new BeoRemote One offers a ‘MyButtons’ feature that lets the user create up to three personalized settings accessible with one touch. A setting can include channel, volume setting and even stand and directional positioning of the TV.

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