Bay Audio Debuts New Live-Wall Speaker

Bay Audio has announced the arrival of the LW1210 Live-Wall speaker, the third entrant in the series. It joins the LW1218 and LWSub invisible subwoofer, and features a smaller form factor and more durable materials.

“Our goal at Bay Audio is to deliver superb sound from an invisible loudspeaker, and the new LW1210 delivers on that promise,” Bay Audio CEO Ira Friedman said in a statement.

“The LW1210 is more compact than the LW1218, giving integrators a nimble, durable and more affordable option for just about any wall or ceiling application while retaining the magic of invisibility. The LW1210’s proprietary asymmetrical star pattern feathers and dissipates high frequency energy as it propagates toward the edge of the speaker to achieve the most natural and balanced sound.”

The LW1210 has an MSRP of $500 each.

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