Beepers Are Back: Startup OnBeep Raises $6 Million

A technology of 15 years go may come roaring back, with the news that a San Francisco-based startup has raised more than $6 million in order to reestablish beepers, in the age of wearables.

A company called OnBeep announced late last week that it has closed a funding round of $6.25 million, in order to “make beautiful wearable communication devices that unite groups and allow teams to collaborate more fluidly in real time.”

The round was led by Rich Levandov of Avalon Ventures, with seed funding from several other sources. Employees of the company include veterans of Apple, Amazon and Google.

“From people organizing sports events and music festivals, to friends on a ski trip, to parents keeping track of kids at the zoo, our most memorable experiences are created when people work together in real time. OnBeep brings mobile groups together without the distraction of looking at their phone,” Jesse Robbins, CEO & Founder of OnBeep, said in a statement. “We make it easy for people to instantly connect, collaborate and do amazing things together.”

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