Best Buy Elf Debuts in Christmas Support Ad

Best Buy, which already announced that it will offer tech support through New Years- including on Christmas Day- has gotten the point across with a new 30-second commercial starring a cartoon elf.

In the ad, Best Buy uniform-clad Kenneth the Blue Elf is asked by Santa to give a pep talk to the other elves heading into Christmas. “We will support them… on the phone! Online! and on Christmas Day!,” he says, shocking the other elves who assumed they had the holiday off.

Kenneth the elf is voiced by Tom Kenny, who is best known as the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants. See the ad below:

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  • http://ShawnCoates Shawn Coates

    Just another company that is willing to show you how muchthey love you by ruining an important holiday for it won employees. I’d never buy anything from these guys.

  • http://dustinFaber dustin Faber

    I feel horrible for the Customer Service reps at Best Buy. Nothing like your employer reminding everyone nationally that you have a crappy schedule.