AfterShokz Partners with P28 Foods to Promote Healthy Lifestyles

P28 co-founder, Billy Sullivan uses AfterShokz Bluez headphones

AfterShokz, maker of bone conduction headphones, announced a partnership with P28 Foods, strengthening the CE company’s extension into the mobile health category. The companies will team up on co-sponsored programs to promote healthy lifestyles, with cross promotional sales programs beginning to roll out within the next 30 days.

AfterShokz utilizes bone conduction technology to transmit sound through the listener’s cheekbones, leaving the ears open preventing potential eardrum damage and allowing the user to remain alert during outdoor activity. AfterShokz also offers Bluez, a Bluetooth headphone model.

P28 Foods, promotes healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. Both companies are based in Syracuse, NY.

“Joining forces with a complementary brand that shares our goal of motivating the masses to aspire to a healthier lifestyle makes sense, because we speak the same language and can achieve success through the same message,” said Bruce Borenstein, president and CEO of AfterShokz.

“Our companies’ products are true complements to one another, and more importantly, are both necessities for those that prioritize fitness, yet strive to remain connected and aware,” added Billy Sullivan, P28 co-founder.

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