Bosch Rolls Out New Sensor, Talks Driverless Autos at CES

German CE manufacturer Bosch announced a variety of innovations in the areas of sensors an auto technology at its Jan. 6 press conference held in Las Vegas prior to the 2014 CES show.

Bosch Chairman Dr. Werner Struth gave the presentation.

As the company has been very successful in the microsensor market, Struth’s first announcement of the day was of the company’s new Sensortech B2E 280 microsensor. The new sensor is designed to provide accurate measurements of pressure and humidity for a wide range of applications including weather stations, sports and fitness, and telemedicine, in a tiny package.

“Our main focus (for this item) is sensor-based connectivity,” said Struth, who also commented, “We do live in a connected world. As early as 2015, more than 6 billion things will be connected to the Internet.”

Struth predicted the new microsensor will represent a “breakthrough for the Internet of things and services.”

Along these lines, he announced the establishment of a new company, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, which will develop “new sensor devices and connectivity solutions.”

In the automotive sector, another very strong area for the company,

The company is actively working on developing driverless auto technology, a very hot topic in CE circles these days. “It will happen,” Struth said. “We are preparing the environment for it each and every day.” He spoke of how the level of automation will increase over the years as the tech develops and consumers adopt it, leading up to the point when the car will do all of the driving.

“Fully automated driving will come,” he predicted.

The company will demonstrate its automated driving technology prototype, focused on automated parking and pedestrian protection, at the Driverless Car Experience Tech Zone held during the CES show at the Gold Plaza next to the LVCC North Hall.

Also in car technology, Struth spoke of Bosch’s new telediagnostic product, which will remotely collect vehicle trouble info and connect with service providers for quick, accurate repairs.

He also announced the company’s new Power Max electric car charging station, which will sell for $449, about half the cost of most competing products.

The company also rolled out its new eBike drive system for bicycles, which incorporates a battery and computer system to provide a motorized boost for going up hills, making such challenges as easy as a rider desires.

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