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Brand Socialization Fuels Brand Infatuation

February 20, 2013 By Peter Weedfald
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We are extremely busy people. We are happily and socially engaged while focused on our careers, families, friends and what time is left in our day for our cherished hobbies. Our transactional business DNA has evolved, our fabrics of personal engagements have morphed, and we keep a glowing mobile device at our sides 24 hours a day. Hyper-changing, short product and app life cycles have caused positive disruption, global opportunities, competitive danger and of course, vast confusion. What an uncanny price we pay to play, to gain, to profit.

We are also smart. We know there is opportunity in confusion, but first we find opportunity in reconciliation, requiring a crisp and smart affinity to understand the fast paced social networking world we now troll through. As we know, "the very best opportunities in business lie in danger... welcome to the potential danger of missing the opportunity of social networking."

Opportunity itself is why we conduct phatic brand discourse indispensable to maintaining constant and frequent social connections amongst our most important consumers. Indispensable precisely because it keeps the possibility of bi-modal communication in fluid order, for the purpose of future, more substantial communications; for the purpose of ensuring competitive advantage through the toolbox of smart social engineering.

Let's ensconce our brand-building chores through social engineering best defined as:

-  The development of social and professionally motivated contacts, sharing and caring about information and content of common interest.

-  Ensuring your brand reaches and engages with your most relevant consumers to gain valuable brand relationships: " to gain more brand cents than your competition."

And B2B, B2C and B2ME social opportunities are advantaged because you gain:

A. More relevant and consumer-centric understanding of your target audiences needs, preferences, interests and loyalties.

B. An immediate understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your products, price points and juxtaposed competitive brand value allowing for fast course corrections and/or stepping up the opportunity fuel.

C. Faster more efficient customer service and support feedback.

D. Consistency and frequency with your core customers, and with your competitors' customers designed to build interest, preference, life time value; to build profitable competitive advantage.

E. The ability to ask for and receive critical feedback, recommendations and guidance to accelerate your brand and product affinity, equity and profit.

F. A formidable social army of loyal brand fans who will reward you back with their voices, their engagements, their networking, their pocketbooks.


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