Brand Source Unveils ExpertTech Cloud-based POS Platform

The 1,000 dealers represented at the 2012 Las Vegas-held Brand Source 2012 Convention this week witnessed the demonstration of a new cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system developed by the buying group that will connect all members.

Management said the system would revolutionize data management while smoothing the information flow and sales transaction process between customer and sales associate right in the showroom.

ExpertTech, as the system is named, has been in beta testing with a dozen HES and Brand Source dealers of all sizes and profiles for the past two months.

“By January 1, we will start rolling it out. It’s a process,” said Brand Source CEO Bob Lawrence. An educational regimen will be part and parcel of the rollout, and is set to include webinars, regionals and some one-on-ones.

With the system, salespersons can use the PC or mobile device of their choice in their sales presentation, accessing and printing or emailing spec sheets for customers. The system also integrates a double-entry accounting system, and provides the capability of true cost-inventory management as well as access to live inventory information at Expert Warehouse for all members who choose to subscribe ($39.95/month billed in six-month increments, in addition to a setup fee). It also allows RFID and barcode inventory management, and instant rebate tracking, among other conveniences such as training video access.

“It will give you all the information you need to make a sale, in the palm of your hand,” explained Greg White, who conducted demos for the General Session audience, using a screen template set up to look just like a typical – and familiar – order ticket. “There’s no need to leave the customer’s side.”

Andy Whiteside of Brand Source provided a brief primer on how cloud computing works, explaining to the audience that it was an on-demand experience that would be device- and network-independent, yielding predictable operating and capital costs. “What it means is IT delivered as a service to your business. You get to get out of the IT business and to not worry about running IT.” He added that using this system, where employees can work with their own mobile devices to engage with customers and with the POS platform, will be a plus not merely when serving a younger customer demographic but also when trying to attract a new employee demographic.

Editor in chief of Dealerscope
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