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Clouds Reign Profit For Brick & Click Retailers!

February 27, 2013 By Peter Weedfald
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We are at the cusp, the early dawn of re-seeding and re-accelerating brick and mortar retail greatness. From recent retail merchant meetings across the country, I assure you that brick and mortar retailers are developing and enlisting pithy mobile apps at record speeds, designed to attract, convert and retain shoppers throughout their home, mobile and business lives.

What is the goal of retail's new mobile app focus? To scale traffic rapidly, effectively and profitably across brick and mortar retailers' mighty "quad-four" business model:

1. physical store
2. e-commerce engine
3.1-800 sales
4. human capital in the store aisle to serve and to support

This ambient sales and support foundation for brick and mortar retailers is their flinty weapon of choice, designed to out-market, out-distance and out-perform e-commerce-only competitors.
Savvy brick and mortar retailers are finally, smartly and aggressively on the digital offense. They are tired of the nettlesome negative editorial quotes promulgating the demise or death of brick and mortar retailers. They are smartly powering up their quad-four assets designed to meet consumer preference, while simultaneously driving physical store traffic--the lifeblood for any brick and mortar retailer.

Retailers are aggressively focused on incorporating the power of apps to drive fastidious, dauntless and profitable store traffic. Retailers recognize from their vast CRM data that consumer needs vary by product, by brand, by geo-demographics, by pocketbook and by shopping trip. Customization and deployment of mobile apps is essential for retailers to ensure when the sale is made; it is made within their brand, within one of their quad-four store locations.
Consumers are now trained, stimulated and prompted via smartphone offers
before, during and after traveling to a retail store. The same smart connection evolves, pings and ignites while the shopper is in the decision-making retail aisle. Instant offers, stimulating promotions and loyalty rewards, drive period discounts and basket quantity discounts, all in congress with the dignity of instant product knowledge, is the new physical norm in the retail aisle. Mobile retail software apps are not designed or deployed to be passive in nature, but rather competitively and relevantly aggressive to garner the sale, upgrade the basket and build fast and valuable loyalty. Retailers well know the most effective cloud apps are recognized and appreciated by shoppers when they are tailored to individual needs and desires, when they are relevant to the purpose and scope of a consumer's shopping experience and expectations. When mobile is enabled and delivered into our physical retail aisles, our industry will enjoy increased shopper foot traffic, refreshed and protracted margin pools through our shopper's baskets, and greater brand loyalty with same store sales with advantaged market share growth.  


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