CE Week Panel: ‘All Things 4K’

At the Wednesday-afternoon “Sony Electronics Press Panel On All Things 4K,” representatives from different areas within Sony provided singular perspectives on the potential growth of the 4K market in 2014 and beyond.

Grover Crisp, executive VP at Sony Pictures Entertainment, weighed in, pointing to the fact that 4K is a natural evolution. “Its benefits were encountered eight years ago with the first 4K film scanners. It’s been around a long time.”

Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics president and COO, said he had no doubt that 4K uptake would take place at a fairly fast pace, especially with the breadth of screen sizes and price points expected to populate the marketplace soon. Dynamics that will spur adoption include finding and answering consumers “passion” points, such as love of gaming and sports. “Pricing does matter” as well, he added, “but 4K value is already there. We’ll have 49-inch at $2,000 and 85-inch at $25,000.” Fasulo mentioned that Sony is currently shooting 11 World Cup matches in 4K, and bringing the videos of the games to the U.S. 48 hours after the fact for showing in Sony’s recently opened Best Buy Experience Centers. A movie made in 4K on the games is also planned for production after the title match is completed. “Demonstration is absolutely required,” he said. “It’s about market creation, not simply market share.”

Hugo Gaggioni, chief technology officer of the Broadcast & Production Systems Div. of Sony, spoke about 4K and also, 8K, which is progressing in development in places such as Japan. For consumers pondering, ‘Should I wait for 8K?’ he suggested that 8K’s better signal was indistinguishable on even an 80-inch panel from a 4K signal. “8K is for very large screens – cinema screens. For the masses, 4K is the best bet for this moment.”

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