CE Week’s Innovation Zone Award Recipients

Startups were given space to tell their stories for the third year in a row at CE Week NYC this week in the Innovation Zone. These three companies received CE Week Technovation Awards for innovative execution of unique technological ideas:

• Perceptive Devices (winner), which offers control technology with both consumer and OEM applications that allows people with disabilities hands-free control of computers, tablets, phones, TVs, medical and industrial equipment, using facial expressions such as smiling.

• WindowLikr (finalist), an enterprise tool that maximizes audience engagement through touch-interactive mobile video. The Likr codec is a creative platform enabling marketers to provide consumers with immersive custom videos instead of static images, as they work their way more deeply into menu layers when seeking information on products and services. It uses a proprietary video encoder that creates an augmented video file with a hidden object map that is linked to, and the linked-to video file can then report click statistics to an analytics program.

• First Sign (finalist), a Bluetooth-based wearable security open ecosystem. Purchasers of the sensor-embedded device ($50) that can unobtrusively attach to a hair clip or headband subscribe for $5 a month to a service that automatically detects emergency or crime situations, alerts emergency contacts, and collects and documents audio and photo evidence (via the wearer’s smartphone camera) of the incident – in the case of a crime, to find, apprehend and help prosecute the perpetrator.

Editor in chief of Dealerscope
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