CEA Opposes NTSB Phone-Disabling Recommendation

The Consumer Electronics Association has come out against a recommendation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to develop technology that can disable portable electronic devices while a car is in use.

“CEA must disagree with the NTSB’s broad recommendation calling for a ban on the nonemergency use of portable electronics devices (other than those designed to support the driving task) by all drivers,” Michael Petricone, CEA’s senior vice president, government and regulatory affairs, said in a statement.

“There is no real-world evidence to support such a blanket prohibition unless one would also ban other potential distractions, such as eating, drinking, applying make-up and engaging with children while in the vehicle.”

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  • Ian Moone

    Of course CEA would oppose the blocking. Duh! But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the annoyance of cell phone useage.
    For the NTSB – they should just make it a crime punishable like murder – 1st offense is immediate jail time of minimum of 25 years – no parole.

    Cell phone signal blockers will be a big business in the next 5 years.
    Mandatory for in-vehicle use and installed at the factory – Personal devices for those of us who wish to carry them on our person that just wish to NOT BE SUBJECTED to inconsiderate people who just feel that it is their RIGHT to talk whenever and wherever they wish – Business devices so that resturants, health clubs, and even offices, etc can blanket their enviroment from the obtrusive distractions caused by, again, inconsiderate people who believe their right to talk / text or just surf the web anywhere they wish outweigh everyone elses.

    Now if the FCC would only approve for general consumer use the import of that type of device, I would be the first in line to kick that business into full gear.

  • sam

    People have proven time and time again that they’re too stupid to handle talking and driving. Texting and driving is even worse. Ban all use of cellular devices while driving. Simple. There is no reason except to dial 911.

  • hope to live to see 60

    Big thumbs down to CEA – the earth and all on it worked fine before cellphones (oops you mean smart phones that turn everyone using them into inconsiderate idiots as soon as they ring) and the inability of humans to pay attention while driving and using ANY phone be it hands free or not – think of how much gridlock here in LA would decrease as a side note too!!
    Instead of calling your friend to tell them youll be late due to traffic-(becuase everyone is doing the same) just paying attention and DRIVING you’ll get there on time.
    Stop putting everyone elses safety at risk – tech can easily creat a block that disables phones when moving – gee pull over and talk theres an incredible concept!!

  • Frank

    Radio, eating, kids, makeup – all distractions that can cause accidents. But all of those activities are wholly within the car. Talking on the phone, the other guy doesn’t know you’re about to miss your turn, or blaze thru a RR Xing, or run a light. Meantime, most people seem to require 80% of their brain to focus on a phone conversation, and that just doesn’t leave enough for safe driving. Whether you’re holding the phone to your head or talking into thin air to a speakerphone isn’t the issue (California), it’s not enough attention being put to monitoring your surroundings. Somewhere there must be decent statistics that show how many more car wrecks (and trains…) that happen while a driver is on the phone. For 20 years now, people have shown they’re not responsible enough when behind the wheel and on the phone. I’m OK with figuring out how to severely curtail use of phones by drivers.

    How about this (patent pending): you start your car with your cell phone (like RKE or pushbutton start) but then your phone is locked out until the engine is off.

    What is MUCH WORSE is presenting anything to the driver that looks like a PC screen. Now companies are talking about browsing the web, searching for music, watching movies, and lots of other iPad/tablet-like things – all by the driver, there where the radio used to go. How foolish is that? I’m not really sure even the nav system should be there.

    Also EXTREMELY BAD is touch-screens in a car. Touch screens require the user to look at the screen (thus, not the road) to see what little icon they’re pushing. There’s no tactile feeling for the 3rd button or round button or anything. The car is not your living room. It’s a 3,000 pound weapon that happens to get you around town – apparently not fast enough.

    We need to find ways of making driving safer, not giving the driver more things to do with their eyes, hands, and minds. A little music should be soothing.

  • jeffoheir

    Such a foolish recommendation by the NTSB. Just one more example of the government’s ignorance about the technology and solutions available to consumers. Instead, the NTSB should sponsor a campaign urging all consumers to visit their local INDEPENDENT 12-volt specialist for the installation of a hands-free solution. Now that would be stimulus money well spent!! What do you think?

  • Really

    NTSB is correct… Watching someone driving while on their cell phone is proof enough. When there is a profit motive, you will not get advise that is in your best interest… I don’t know where the NTSB would profit from this ban.. on the other hand the CEA…
    Regarding the comment below about Gov involvement… your advise would be that we should leave the Alcohol Industry to sponsor a campaign urging all consumers to not drink and drive? The distraction from driving is the same..

  • frank

    Only a moron would fail to see the parallel between having a live converstation with a passenger and speaking to someone on a cell phone. Ban passengers.The problem isn’t conversation alone, it’s looking up and dialing the number, hence the value of Siri-type technologies. The fact is 42,000 people die each year in car accidents–the vast majority from head wounds. Taking their logic to extremes, we need to force motorists to wear helmets. We do this in many states with motorcyclists yet they only lose 1/10th that number. Less laws–more common sense please.
    Frank Malitz