CEA Readies Mobile Alert Working Group

The Consumer Electronics Association said this week that it will launch a Fixed and Mobile Alert Warning Devices Working Group, and is searching for participants.

The group will review the existing document, “CEA-CEB25, Best Practices for Implementing Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)-based Alerts for Consumer Electronics Devices,” and seek improvements.

“Emergency alerts issued by various government authorities reach consumers through multiple delivery channels,” said Matthew Straeb, GSSNet, and chair of R6 WG16. “CEA-CEB25 helps CE manufacturers more easily integrate these alerts into their products, with the ultimate goal of helping consumers more easily receive and understand them. While the document already goes a long way toward achieving these goals, we want to make it even better.”

Those interested in participating are asked to content CEA’s Alayne Bell at abell@CE.org.

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