CEA Sides With Aereo

The Consumer Electronics Association this week filed an amicus brief in favor of Aereo, the tech firm seeking to make over-the-air broadcasts available on mobile devices. Aereo is being sued by a consortium of broadcasters.

“CEA is joining an amicus brief in the Aereo case as the case will hinge on basic principles from the 1984 Supreme Court Sony Betamax case, the Magna Carta decision of our industry defining full recording of broadcast television as a fair use and allowing innovation in technology,” CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro said in a statement.

“The Aereo case, like the Sony Betamax case, is a challenge to innovative technology allowing people to conveniently access free, over-the-air broadcasting. In Sony, it was time shifting broadcasting by a VCR; in Aereo, it is accessing free broadcasting through a computer.”

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