CEA Welcomes Sales Tax Legislation

The Consumer Electronics Association has issued a statement in support of a new bipartisan legislative push for equitable sales tax collection, known as the Marketplace Fairness Act.

“We commend congressional leadership for their commitment to enact legislation that will require all retailers to collect owed sales taxes,” CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro said in a statement.

“Today, brick and mortar retailers must collect owed sales and use taxes, while Internet retailers do so only in limited circumstances. As state budgets are hurting, forcing layoffs of essential public safety employees, now is the time to give states the ability to collect this much needed, and legally due, source of revenue. We urge Congress to act quickly and enact this vital legislation.”

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  • Steve Brown

    How long has everybody been talking about this?

  • Steve S

    We sell online out of Oregon. We have NO sales tax. People come over from WA and CA to buy stuff here. We think it should remain the same No sales tax to buyers when they purchase from an online Oregon based company


    This will only give China another advantage, you can now get product directly from China in just a couple days so why buy from a US seller? Does not help anyone, buyers pay a tax, sellers have to increase prices and lose sales…THANKS FOR NOTHING.

  • Michael Grove

    Not that I want to pay tax for online purchases, but as someone who builds and maintains e-commerce sites, if they push a tax through, I would love to see it be a single online sales tax, that gets paid to the state that the business whom is doing the sale is located in. So If I am in AZ, and I receive an order from OH, AZ gets a 1.85% tax revenue for the sale. – That should make the company books easy to manage.