CEDIA 2012 Brings Networking and AV Together

Fewer truck rolls isn’t the only thing saving dealers time and money. BlueVolt and Bedrock provide online training so that integrators don’t have to miss a single day at the office while taking courses and getting certifications.

On-site, installations are getting more efficient as well. Metra’s EHD HDMI cable is even thinner than an iPhone cord, freeing up space in racks and shipping costs. And AVocation Systems and Control4 are packing HDMI matrix switchers with up to 32 inputs, making it possible to bring one signal to many zones.

Even programming has gotten easier. iRidium’s control interface aims to provide integrators with one platform that can work with multiple devices in many different systems, and Pro Control’s software enables integrators to program a remote control for several devices at once. Again, both are here to save installers time and money.

Access Networks’ Hagai Feiner brought it home for me with a long look at the inside of their networks with the concept of visibility: the ability to see details about individual devices and network ports. He showed me exactly how error reporting and troubleshooting can happen on a network from anywhere in the world in real time.

“As integrated devices move to the network, you need this level of visibility on your network,” said Feiner. “We don’t sell single parts, we sell a full solution, and we support every solution we sell for the life of the project.”

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